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How Facebook Like Ladder Strategies are Damaging your Brand

If you’ve been looking for a free way to promote your business on Social Media, then no doubt you have come across these strategies. Thousands upon thousands of Facebook Pages have sprung up where business owners can post about their business in an attempt to get more online exposure and hopefully gain new customers. On these pages Like for Like and Like Ladder posts can be commonly found, with hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people participating.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then here is a quick run-down:

Facebook Like Ladder

An example of part of a Like Ladder

Like for Like: As the name implies this strategy involves people liking a page on Facebook, and in return they receive a like from the owner of the liked page.  Essentially two people agree to like each others’ pages so that each page’s like count increases.

Like Ladder: A Like Ladder is a more advanced form of the Like for Like strategy. These involve someone posting up their business page in a group on Facebook with anyone who chooses to participate in the ladder liking that page. After this they comment on the post with details of their own page for future participants to like as well.

At first glance these strategies seem like they might be a good idea. How can it hurt having more likes on your business page? Well, in order to try and stop people cheating the system, Facebook have introduced their EdgeRank algorithm, which not only nullifies the value of any of these empty likes, it actually punishes pages who have a number of likes but limited follower interaction by showing these pages to fewer people.

This is not the primary reason for Facebook’s algorithm change, as their ultimate goal is to make money. This algorithm makes it more difficult for any business page’s posts to show up on their followers news feed, which Facebook hope will push people towards spending money on advertising through their “Boost Post” option.

So are Like Ladders and Like for Like Strategies a Waste of Time?

Most definitely, yes. Let me give you and example:

Say you start a new business and build out a Facebook business page. You might be in a difficult or boring industry so not many of your friends willingly like your page even though you have shared it several times. You search for ways to promote your business but don’t want to pay Facebook (who already make enough money from you by selling your information to 3rd parties) to do it. You come across some Facebook groups dedicated to helping small businesses advertise, see a Like Ladder in action and get involved.

In just a few days your like count has increased from 12 people (your mum, a few of you friends, and your cat), to over 500 people! You’re ecstatic with what you have achieved and expect business to increase dramatically the next day…

Nobody calls.

You’ve just built up a following from people who have no interest in your product or service, and who only liked your page to get a like from you in return. You start posting to your page more regularly to try and promote your business to some of the new followers.

Still nobody calls.

You talk with your mum who says she doesn’t even see your posts on her news feed anymore. This is a result of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. Nobody likes, or comments on any of your posts, and so your posts rarely get shown to anyone anymore.

You lose at Facebook marketing.

So How Can I Increase My Followers on Facebook?

How can you increase your followers on Facebook in a way that isn’t going to be detrimental to your reach? The most obvious choice is by running Facebook ads. This is what Facebook pushes people towards and their EdgeRank algorithm does a good job at making this seem like the only easy option. While I don’t think it’s necessary to run ads to get legitimate followers, if you are going to attempt to do this make sure when you set up your ads you segment the market to specifically focus on your target demographic. This will save you money, increase the level of interaction from new followers and also give you the highest chance of turning your followers into customers.

boostpostIt’s really not necessary to run Facebook ads to get a solid following of people who are legitimately interested in your product however, and if you are on a budget, have a lot of spare time, or just don’t want to give Facebook any more than they’ve already taken, there are other options.

Try and find content that is relevant to your business, that people can relate to or will find funny, entertaining, or amusing. The more spectacular or hilarious the content, the higher the chance that people are going to like or share it. You can even mention in the post that if people find the content share-worthy of  if they think that their friends might find it amusing then they are free to re-post. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a small sentence like that can make to the spread of an article or video online.

Still Stuck with Ideas for Share-Worthy Facebook Posts?

Depending on the type of business is can be difficult to find interesting content to share. There is always something out there however you just need to be creative and do a little bit of searching online for ideas. One place I recommend for finding humorous content is Reddit. On the funny Sub-reddit you can do a search and find hilarious content related to almost anything, but it’s really not hard to come up with ideas for yourself. I’ve put a few examples below with the types of businesses that could utilize them so you can see what I’m talking about:

Mechanic, Panel Beater, Car Windscreen Repairer: YouTube videos of massive highway pile-ups or spectacular racing car crashes

Photographer: Galleries of the photo awards finalists, photos of puppies, epic nature shots

Baby/Kids Clothing Store: Youtube videos of kids doing cute things (there are milllions of them)

Lawyers: Blog articles like “Top 10 Most Ridiculous Laws that Still Exist”, “Celebrity Criminals”, “Funniest Mug Shot Photos of all Time” etc.

In Conclusion..

I hope this article has helped some of you who are new to Social Media marketing and promotion. If you would like to keep up with the latest social media, digital marketing and SEO news feel free to follow the BrisDigital Page or you can join the Facebook group we have set up to help small business owner get a better understanding of their Digital Marketing.