Google customer match

Google’s Customer Match has Arrived!

The search engine giant has recently launched Customer Match, which is new tool that allows advertisers to upload a batch of email addresses to Google while developing ad campaigns.

This new product targets those that match users on its largest products such as Search, YouTube TrueView, Gmail, and the Google Display Network. This works the same way like Facebook and Twitter products – Custom and Tailored Audiences.

If an online retailer, for example, has an email list of past clients he can upload the emails via Google Customer Match to display relevant ads and provide customers options when they look for similar products being advertised using Google. So when a past customer searches on YouTube for information about a particular product, they can easily find alternatives to the one they are looking for information about.

Getting Started

Before creating a list, you need to have least 1,000 emails. This is quite larger than what Facebook requires for their similar services. The Audiences tab in AdWords is where advertisers can upload email addresses. Google will then search a match with these email addresses using Google log-ins that use the identical email address.


Google Customer Match provides new and more targeted opportunities for advertisers. It is a powerful tool to advertise products and services, reach more target clients and generate sales.

Using the new Google tool can bring back customers who may have purchased in the past but did not become repeat purchasers. It is possible to also exclude existing clients in the email list, especially when there is a specific non-brand keyword that you want to target for select customers. This works in a similar way to remarketing lists for search ads. It is both tied to the Google cookie pool and email list.

Google Customer Match can also be used in cross-selling to existing customers. It helps you expand your products and service offerings by providing your loyal clients a list of other supplementary products that they may also need.

If your existing client are purchasing cosmetics products, he may also be interested in buying fragrance or clothing products that you have available also. Using the tool will simplify the process of introducing your other product lines to them.

Google Customer Match creates look-alike models to help you find more customers with similar needs to your current lists. The new tool is an excellent way to develop a group of customers and search for others having the same needs and wants, characteristics, and browsing and keyword search behaviors, amongst other contextual clues.

The different ways to look for customers and the capacity to have creative bids and ad copy brings a new perspective and opportunities to marketers. The Google Customer Match tool is only a single way of promoting your products and services however. You can optimize other tools and combine these with what Google has to offer to drive more sales and build up your clientele.

Essentially, every brand has its own distinct style, branding and method of promotion. What matters is how the message is being delivered to potential clients. Personalization is a key driver of advertising. Learning how this impacts your products is important so give Google Customer Match a try and see if it can help give your sales a beneficial boost.