How to Get Your Story on Google News

Google News is one of the most well-known news aggregation sites in service today. When people visit the service, they expect to find topnotch informative articles on the topics of their choice from a wide range of news providers. It is a one-stop shop for individuals looking to understand what is going on that very moment at any place around the globe.

As a web content producer, having material placed on this site is paramount to hitting the quality jackpot. Only articles that meet the highest standards of unique content, informative material, and quality site hosting will make it. Here are three ways to get your well-written, edited, and sourced content onto Google News.

Pay a Distributor

A distribution site will shop your content to different Google News publishers, like an agent would a manuscript between the big five publishers. This is a good way to get started, though if done constantly can easily ratchet up a large bill. Remember – the point of having a high natural rank is to minimize the need for paid advertising. Paying someone to create that rank defeats the purpose.

Some smaller distributors do not charge; instead they insert small ads into the dispatches and use that for revenue. For very small sites just starting out, this may be the most economical way to get started. If you have the budget, it is a good idea to avoid this. Otherwise, you are allowing your message to be confused with that of other sites.

Approach a Google News Publisher Directly

Google News Publishers can range from traditional news sites like BBC to smaller sites that focus on certain industries. The important thing is to create content that their readers will want to read, and to convince their editors and site managers to host it. As a general practice, it is a good idea to be doing this regardless of your goals. Being hosted on multiple high-quality sites, with links back to your site, will improve your ranking in Google’s search engine results.

Since the piece will ultimately be commercial, it is not uncommon for site managers to require a fee in order to consider hosting the article. Considering that this is designed to help boost your site’s ranking, this is a small price to pay.

Create Your Own News Site

Industry-specific news sites are becoming more popular, as many communities on the Internet become more specialized to better attract certain demographics. Out of the three major ways to appear on Google News, this is the most time-consuming and costly, but in the end the potential reward is vastly greater than with the previous two options.

By creating and advertising a news site, with links back to your primary site, you are inviting writers from other companies and services to provide you with content. If handled well, this can create a large swell of interest in the sites owned by you or your clients, helping to organically grow search engine results.

After a time, it will be possible to charge writers for the privilege, and use advertising on the site, to offset the initial expenses and provide an additional revenue stream. If you go this route, it is vital for the site that is meant to be boosted to provide content as well. Just make a point to not be overly promotional, and have a wide range of sites contribute content.


Having an article appear on Google News is an excellent way to prove your skills as a web content producer. Create exceptional content and work with the best sites, and see traffic on your own site grow in tandem.