Steam Statistics show the Sad State of Australia’s Internet

Valve has just added a new feature to their Steam Stats page, showing the data rates for various ISPs around the world.

While it may not come as a surprise to many, Australia isn’t ranking so well in comparison to the rest of the world. For a country that ranks at the top end in GDP per capita, literacy rates, and standard of living; thanks to the shambled NBN, our internet speeds are comparatively lagging.


Over the last 7 days the Australian average download speed was 6.6 Mbps. This is a far cry from the average in the USA of 16.7 Mbps, and even further from the incredible average speeds in Japan and Korea which sit at a phenomenal 33.5 and 49.8 Mbps respectively.

Even New Zealanders get to laugh at our appalling speeds with their average of 9.4 Mbps.

Australian ISP TransACT had the highest average download rate amongst the nations Steam users, followed by Optus at 8.1 Mbps and Telstra at 7.1 Mbps.

Bringing the Australian average down we have the slowest ISP M2 delivering a measly 4.3 Mbps for their customers, closely followed by our wooden spoon runners-up Primus Telecommunication with 4.7 Mbps and equal third last going to TPG Telecom and iiNet at a paltry 5.1 Mbps.

Here is a full list of Australia ISP’s and their respective average download rates:

Network Average Download Rate
Telstra 7.1 Mbps
Optus 8.1 Mbps
Internode 5.6 Mbps
TPG Telecom 5.1 Mbps
M2 4.3 Mbps
iiNet 5.1 Mbps
INTERNETPRIMUS-AS-AP Primus Telecommunications,AU 4.7 Mbps
EXETEL-AS-AP Exetel Pty Ltd,AU 5.3 Mbps
AAPT AAPT Limited,AU 6.1 Mbps
TRANSACT-SDN-AS TransACT Capital Communications Pty Limited,AU 9 Mbps

If you’ve ever been sitting around wondering why your downloads are taking so long, this is why. If you would like to see the Steam Statistics for yourself, you can check out Australia and every other country’s stats here. Just remember to click on Average Download Rate under the map, or you’ll be looking at Total Bytes downloaded.